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It’s time to add colour to any kind of event you are preparing. Whether you envision an elegant atmosphere or a more vibrant club-like atmosphere, our team is here to help you make it happen!

Tsisma Iconic Events has a variety of options for lighting and audiovisual presentation, so you can choose the combination that will give the ideal result.

Get in touch with us and we will prepare an unforgettable evening!

lighting options

A subtle way to create an atmosphere that matches the look and feel of your event is simply by adding Uplighting, Area Washes, Twinkle Lighting and/or String Lighting.



Space lights decorated with wedding lanterns (the well-known Chinese lanterns), give special character to an event. They are much preferred for vintage weddings.


The familiar to all of us "Christmas lights" lights that envelop trees, garlands and bushes, give a special glow and warmth to winter events


String lights, also commonly known as decorative lights, are a special type of lighting fixture used for outdoor and indoor decorations.


Uplights are lights that are located on the ground and illuminate the walls and make them glow. They can also be used on trees, if the event is held outdoors, giving an impressive effect.


Wedding chandeliers not only illuminate the main space of an event, but also bring an element of luxury and glamour. Their versatility makes them the perfect addition to any event - whether big, small, formal or more casual.


The stage is the place where your event is centered, the staging we all know. For this reason, we have prepared with special care all those ways in which it can be highlighted.



Adding illuminated letters to your event is a great way to make it really stand out and be memorable. They can be used as directional signs or simply as decorative elements that add sparkle.

Illuminated letters are particularly suitable for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. If you want to impress your guests, consider using illuminated letters at your next event!



The illuminated DJ booth front and illuminated totems are the perfect solution to give your DJ setup a professional look.

LIGHTING (disco ball, laser)

The lighting of the dance floor creates the mood for dancing. Make your guests feel comfortable and get on the dance floor. Choose the lighting your event needs, depending on the style you want. Turn the stage into a club or disco with disco ball & laser.

Intelligent Lighting - Moving Heads

It is an innovative type of party or stage lighting, with an automated mechanism that allows the lights to move and create complex and colorful effects.


Uplights are lights that are located on the ground and illuminate the walls and make them glow. They can also be used on trees, if the event is held outdoors, giving an impressive effect.



To add some energy to your event, we have a long list of interactive lighting and effects options. Whether you need more life on the dance floor or to incorporate some theatrical effects, we have plenty of options and ideas to bring your event to life.



Confetti effects are ideal for the start or finale of an event. Fill the space with sparkling and spiral confetti and offer an explosion of joy to the attendees.
Our confetti machines include: confetti cannons for concerts and wedding confetti effects



Leave your family and friends speechless! Bring your special moments to life with nothing less than spectacular outdoor fireworks.

Fireworks for a wedding or other event will add sparkle to any important private event.



Dry ice smoke machines create a thick blanket of fog that hovers just above ground level.

Unlike traditional smoke machines, the white clouds created by dry ice smoke machines do not disappear or cover the protagonists.

On the contrary, they are able to create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere in the space, without violating the visibility of the visitors.



The smoke effect, unlike dry ice, can be used more flexibly and more than once a night to enhance the sense of space in a smaller venue or to help define the track area.

Our experienced event DJs use smoke and lighting effects to bring the magic touch, creating just the right mood.



Lately, more and more people have started using fountains at their weddings. Usually used during the first dance of the honeymooners.

The luminaires are placed around the track in the desired formation (square, row or semicircle). Combined with the low-level smoke, they guarantee an impressive image that will surely "write" beautifully on the camera.

The fountains can also be used for any other special moment during your wedding ceremony, depending on your wishes.

audiovisual presentations

We can create a presentation just for you! We offer a variety of audiovisual packages and options. With these, we will play the video or music videos of your choice as well as any other graphic elements needed, such as slideshows with background images that are customized according to whatever theme you desire; whether it’s a business event at work , a birthday celebration, a family reunion, etc.Come and discuss what you need so we can help you put together something that will be truly impressive.



Create the most beautiful love story starring you and your better half and project it in the form of a slideshow at the wedding reception,


TVs are an essential element in many of the corporate events as they are part of the experience.
We supply you with televisions of all types and sizes to suit your needs.


A Led Video Wall can add a special touch to the event you have prepared and add extra prestige.

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