Dj for baptism

We create a dreamy party for your child's christening

The Christening of your child is a day of happiness, with the focus on your little angel and the occasion for a big party.

Wherever you decide to organize your post-christening party, whether it’s a banquet hall or the backyard of your home, you definitely need the right music to make it a success!

Tsisma Iconic Events christening DJs are experts in creating a party that will be fun and memorable for all guests!

dj for baptism
dj for baptism Thessaloniki

Our approach

Our professional DJ, after having a first conversation with you and learning about the theme, the venue and everything that includes the baptism, will take care to create the music program, adapted to your circumstances and your wishes,

Our huge music library, which covers all kinds of music and our knowledge and experience will make you enjoy the day like nothing else!

The way we manage the musical curation during your child’s christening party is one of the things that makes us stand out.

The difference with amateur DJs is that we as professional DJs can see the mood of the audience at any time and keep the mood high.

We choose music for christening that suits young and old guests!


From the entrance of the newcomer to the frenetic celebration after the event, our team knows how to choose the right songs for every occasion.

Since the aim of every party is to have a good time for all the guests, we make sure to keep a balance in the music program so that both the younger and the older audience is entertained.
The result is that young and old become one and the dance floor is filled with smiles and plenty of fun.

dj για βάπτιση

Why choose the Tsisma Iconic Events for the baptism of your child

Having carried out dozens of christening events, we know the ingredients of absolute success!

Music, sound and lighting effects, rhythm create a unique atmosphere for you and your guests. Share the joy you have for your child’s important day with people who will have fun with their soul, thanks to the program that our team will curate with passion.

Full Sound and Lighting Coverage for Baptism

At Tsisma Iconic Events we not only take care of the music for the baptism, but we have state-of-the-art technological equipment to create an even more special atmosphere.

Create a romantic atmosphere with lanterns and give a fairy tale feel or prepare the ultimate disco night with disco balls and other lighting effects.

Our sound and lighting equipment is able to cover from the smallest to the largest baptism parties.

DJ for baptisms all over Greece

Wherever in Greece you are having your child’s christening, Tsisma Iconic Events, has the necessary requirements to organize your celebration.

We have Djs for Athens, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki to Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Tinos. In short, our Djs cover christening events in any part of mainland or island Greece, with the same consistency and care.

What we promise you

dj for baptism

Your child's first party will be unforgettable

Baptism is a milestone day in your child's life. This is essentially his first party, so make sure you organise it carefully. By choosing our team, you can be sure that it will be the best start for the new convert or convert.

Celebrate with your loved ones without stress

Our first concern is to give parents the opportunity to really enjoy this day. As soon as we take over the baptism party, we create all the conditions and do all the preparation that is needed, so that when the day of the baptism arrives we are completely ready.

Trust us, let us know your needs and leave the rest to us!

Fairytale atmosphere

Use all your imagination, choosing the theme that suits your child and come together to create an atmosphere out of the best fairy tale. Whatever ideas you have, we can implement them with the professionalism and consistency that has distinguished us all these years.

Trust us, let us know your needs and leave the rest to us!

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Come on, let's plan the baptism party of your child!





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